Thursday, May 05, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge Day 1 - Favorite Song

So, 30 Day Song challenge. Anyway, its been a while since I did a /real/ blog thing so I figured I'd get into this. I don't know. I woke up butt-early today and "Julie and Julia" was on and it inspired me, anyway.
So today is so-called "Day 1" - I already know how this is going to go, I'll post as many of these as I care to but not necessarily one per day or anything, and I already know there are a couple that I'm going to skip (I mean, I don't even listen to the radio). I figured that, while a Facebook meme or whathaveyou, I could make more elaborate posts here as well (though, given that nature of my internet-blob as all the services have come together, in reality, this ends up on Facebook as well xD)
---anyway, Day 1 is Favorite Song. I mean, I have a lot of songs I could chose as a favorite but REM's "Losing my Religion" is an important song for me. Back in the day, such as it is, I exclusively listened to Classical Music on the radio. "Losing my Religion" is the first song I can remember hearing otherwise on local radio. As a result, the song birthed an interested in music, which shaped me as a person - both the song and by cultivating a broader interest - it is no small exaggeration to say that the song is the beginning of my genesis as a person. It remains a perennial favorite to this day.

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