Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dream I had the other night:
Marsha and I worked for the BAU and we were flying in the private jet to a case and I was lip-syncing to songs to try to amuse Marsha.

To get to the crime scene we had to take some orange skiff or something and it was a tourist boat; turns out there was a crime scene on it, with a dead body next to a taser. A group of tourists were there on the boat and one was bothering the crime scene, her and I exchanged some words and I said something or another that shut her down and the crowd was like "ooooo snap" or whatever. And then she was like, "Yeah!? Well, I'm Bill Cosby!" And I turn back to her and go, "Well, let me put some fucking cuffs on you and throw you in the water, 'cause Bill Cosby floats, bitch!"


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