Saturday, September 10, 2011

DC implosion part 2

I understand that comic books are a crazy business right now - they are (not that they weren't befor when "things were good", as they say) but I am a little put off that DC's solution is always some kind of crazy company spanning epic that resets or adjusts their entire continuity. I mean, Flashpoint seemed mildly interesting but not enough for me to care too-too much and now their whole universe implodes and resets. Except it /doesn't/. Its been an excuse to close up titles that are on the company hit list as well as launch titles that otherwise whouldn't have a shot - which is fine, I guess if thats the only way you can work out such a thing. Oh yeah, and also, that the new titles aren't that outlandishly different - just newish. Further, the "continuing" titles appear to be continuing with the same continuity. Yet, some titles, such as those involving Superman are rebooting into a "different but actually the same" bit (I mean, jesus, they're not going to do much with Superman - they /can't/) Some stories continuities continue seemingly as befor, some reset. New gimmick overarching storyline about "rise of Superheroes" all of a sudden echoes Marvel's Ultimate line in some ways (yet, thats a side project and not your primary continuity). Sure, DC can do whatever the fuck they want, but aren't they the ones always fucking moaning about their continuity being fucked up and that hurting sales? So, as always, DC's solution is to reboot the mess AGAIN and hope that works. Still sounds like a mess though. Not saying their won't be good and/or entertaining books (which is often mutually exclusive in comic books these days) but this still sounds like a bit of a muddle. And like something that DC is going to undo or reboot again in another year. Thanks a lot guys.

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